Dr. Gragg & Pt w Cake
After the initial evaluation, my son said "Mom, this is where I'm
coming for my braces!" Gragg Ortho exceeded our expectations each
and every appointment! It is definitely worth the drive from Shelby.
Jessica Y., 7/10/18

It's been a while back but you guys fixed a broken wire on July 4th
which was really nice. He didn't have to wait and it was hurting.
Thank you for everything you all have done.
Emily B., 8/7/18

Oh wow. I made such a great choice! Dr. Gragg and entire staff, you 
made me feel so important and welcome in your office. And by the
way, your color scheme and decor fit my personality to a T! I was so 
surprised and overwhelmed when I received a Get Well card from your
staff during my breast cancer journey. Thank you again. Your kindness
touched my heart. I never felt like my visits were routine. Each new 
staff member welcomed me like it was my first visit. The friendliness
and enthusiasm of the staff was contagious. My teeth are beautiful, 
thank you for being a perfectionist! Love you ALL! 
Ann H., 8/30/18

This whole process from beginning to end was easy. I enjoyed bringing
Aryona to her appointments to see Dr. Gragg and her wonderful staff!
They are always smiling! 
Sydney H., 9/4/18

Everyone has always been great! We have loved Jonathan's experience, the encouragement from Dr. Gragg and commitment to make his smile the BEST! Love you all!
Kristina M., 9/17/18

In all honesty I can say that my wife, son, nor I had any negative experience at all. We have recommended many of our friends to visit your office and several have signed up based on the level of care. We could not be more pleased. 
Steven R., 9/26/18

Great experience! Dr. Gragg and her staff are always professional. They do everything they can to accommodate us in every way. Thanks so much for making Sarah feel comfortable with her SMILE!
Susan C., 10/4/18

Every employee in the building has always been wonderful. Everyone is extremely
nice and professional. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Kristi T., 7/25/17

Dr. Gragg and her staff continuously went above and beyond to accommodate our challenging schedule. Our experience was amazing in every way possible and my daughter’s smile is spectacular. Thank you!!!
Toby G., 6/28/17

Wonderful Experience! Best office in Morganton!
Megan S., 6/6/17

I have begun a family here through my braces experience and totally enjoyed every minute! I will be bringing my daughter soon!
Misti R., 5/4/17

2 kids! 2 sets of braces! 2 exceptional experiences! We will be forever grateful to all of you. We will certainly be back! Thank you!
Kristy M., 4/27/17

Gragg Orthodontics went above and beyond in all areas of our treatment. Results were AWESOME! 
Lavonee M., 4/11/17

The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. To me this has been worth the drive from Lenoir. Making a child feel comfortable and excited about dental work is an accomplishment! Never have I encountered a negative attitude in this office, even when my children were not following procedures. The situation was handled in a completely professional and stern way so that they understood the seriousness. The financial options fit our budget and were handled to our satisfaction. Everything has been professional with high expectations and a dose of fun. I appreciate that you will not accept anything less than perfect! It is the little touches that mean so much!
Lisa M., 1/4/17

Always willing to accommodate with our crazy schedule! They never settle for anything less than the best result.
Karen B., 11/14/16

Both of my daughters came to Gragg Orthodontics and the overall atmosphere, staff and orthodontic treatment was exceptional! Both of my girls have beautiful teeth that greatly compliment their smile. Thank you to everyone at Gragg Orthodontics for making this a wonderful experience. 
Debra J., 9/27/16

Everyone was so friendly and sweet on every visit we came to. Top notch staff in my book!
Angie D., 9/14/16

I have NEVER been more pleased with ANY other professional service. The level of care and kindness to make my daughter feel comfortable and important and was exceptional. 
Jenell W., 9/12/16

Everyone was so nice and understanding of my unique situation. My confidence level went up because of your staff!
Alora A., 5/19/2016

From start to finish, every appointment was awesome! We love how everyone is so welcoming and remembers who you are (even out in the community)! We have always loved the facility. Everyone in our family wants to bring my daughter to her appointments.
Miranda D., 1/11/2016

Every single staff member always was positive and always cheerful. Dental work of any kind is hardly fun but the staff here goes above and beyond to make each visit a positive experience. Thank you! We will definitely be back with our other children!
Dana S., 1/5/2016

From the time you arrive, until you leave, it is great service!! Beautiful facility and friendly expert staff! Outstanding care! Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter! I can honestly say this has been a great journey. The Gragg team have been supportive to my daughter – without fail! Keep it up!  This team is awesome.
Shannon H., 10/13/2015

My daughter is autistic. I was extremely unsure she would be able to adjust to wearing braces without pulling them out. Overtime she did very well, and probably would not have done this well without Dr. Gragg and her staff’s encouragement.
Patty L., 9/24/2015

Dr. Gragg and the orthodontic team are phenomenal. When others in the community ask about my daughter’s braces, I cannot brag enough on the staff! My mom is a retired dental assistant and she has been impressed by each encounter I spoke of to her. We are thankful for the excellent treatment!
Nyoka S., 8/5/2015

I love the staff at this office. Everyone knows who I am and always ask about my family. I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. Thank you all for being patient with me through it all.
Holly Q., 7/24/2015

My expectations of every orthodontic visit for both of my children with your practice has surpassed what I thought these years would be. It’s always a pleasure to be seen by any of the staff here at Gragg Orthodontics. You all are very sweet and caring for everyone that comes through the door. I will continue to share our experience with anyone who asks where my kids came to. Thanks to all of you!
Haley B., 7/14/2015

Simply amazing!! Your staff explained everything to me step by step and eased all of my nervousness. I am so excited to see my new smile.
Haven H., 6/6/2015

My child received early treatment braces yesterday on his top teeth. We had an amazing experience. He was a little nervous starting out and the staff quickly calmed him and assured him he was doing a great job. I'd highly recommend this office for treatment, especially for younger children!
Matthew S., 6/3/2015

Everyone in the office is so great! I feel like royalty each time I walk through the door with my children. The atmosphere is so upbeat and fun it takes the nerves away. Dr. Gragg does a wonderful job with teeth. She has had a hand in smiles for both my children and myself. I would definitely recommend her for anyone.
Natalie C., 6/2/2015

The staff is super friendly and very helpful. They make sure you’re comfortable and they explain every step. My daughter just got her braces and Dr. Gragg called personally to check on her.
Jordan G., 5/21/2015

Dr. Gragg & staff were very friendly to my son. They took extra time to explain each step of getting his new braces. They are always smiling and helpful. Great, caring and knowledgeable people!
Benjamin P., 5/12/2015

I felt like I was hanging out with my best friends or neighbors. Bar none the nicest people I've ever been around. Very professional but down to earth. Thank you guys. You’re the best.
Gerhard J., 5/12/2015

It was a great experience with the whole team at Gragg Orthodontics. This is my second child with orthodontic work. There's not been a visit yet we did not leave smiling! Thanks to all of you :)
Skyler L., 5/8/2015

Dr. Gragg and her staff are AWESOME! They are so friendly and fun. The quality of their work is beyond excellent. I would highly recommend Gragg Orthodontics to anyone who is planning on getting braces.
Jadyn M., 3/26/2015

Dr. Gragg & staff was amazing. So courteous & they took their time with my son & I & went through what all was needed for my son to have his teeth corrected & fixed. I would highly recommend Dr, Gragg to anyone that is in need of a great orthodontist.
Tanner K., 3/23/2015

My daughter loves Dr. Gragg and her staff. They are so sweet and so respectful. They walked my daughter through everything, and had her feeling so comfortable. The whole atmosphere is kid-friendly. My daughter can't wait to go for her next visit!
Hayley G., 2/12/2015

My orthodontic treatment was quick and the staff was super nice and helpful! I recommend Dr. Gragg to anyone needing braces. :)
Chesley H., 2/6/2015

My 11-year old daughter got her braces on today and she described her experience as "so much fun!" Imagine that! Even though her mouth was sore for the evening, she still thought that about getting her braces on. It is definitely the personal touches that come with the experience with Dr. Gragg and her staff that leave Addie with these  feelings about her braces. We missed the phone call from Dr. Gragg that night, but my daughter listened to the voicemail twice. She knows her orthodontist cares!
Addison H. 2/6/2015

This is a GREAT office. The staff are so friendly and kind. They explain everything to your child before they do it and really put the kids at ease. My daughter was apprehensive about how much getting braces was going to hurt and the extra time they took with her really meant a lot to both me and her. I would definitely recommend any one young or old to go to their office. We have to drive 45 mins due to our insurance but it is well worth it!! Love love love Dr. Gragg's office...
Dana O., 1/8/2015

I had the absolute best experience imaginable. The entire staff is so nice and professional. Would recommend this facility for orthodontic services to everyone!
Christina C., 11/27/2014

The appointment was very well organized and efficient. My attendant was very skillful and confident. I felt very comfortable being under her care.
Lennie M., 11/20/2014

We always feel so welcomed at Gragg Orthodontics! Jenna was so excited about her braces! We feel like family!
Jenna C., 11/20/2014

Dr. Gragg is a very good orthodontist!! I loved the friendliness and I really liked watching TV while getting my braces put on!! I liked the beautiful decor and welcoming atmosphere!!! Gragg is awesome!! I would recommend to anyone!
Aliyah M., 11/13/2014

Rebecca was so relaxed and had a great experience. Everything worked right on schedule and our people just flew by. Thank you Sherrie, Rebecca's mommy.
Rebecca H., 10/28/2014

I will be the first to say I was extremely nervous for my appt. But Dr. Gragg and staff made it such a pleasant visit. Time I walked in until the time I left, the staff went beyond their services to make me feel comfortable. They certainly made me feel at home instead of at a dentist office. Thank you Dr. Gragg and staff.
Patricia C., 10/24/2014

I felt that the office space was visually pleasing. Dr. Gragg ensures that her clients have a wonderful experience with activities for all the individuals waiting as well as the patient. Kayah enjoyed the stay while she was getting her braces. She also appreciated the extra accessories to take home with her. I believe this is an excellent way to advertise and make the child feel special. We valued the call the evening of her appointment by Dr. Gragg to assure Kayah's satisfaction. I would definitely tell a friend or family member about our visits. Also, I want to say an extra thanks to the outstanding customer service supplied by the staff of Dr. Gragg.
Kayah H., 10/14/2014

Cordial staff members who go an extra mile to provide customer satisfaction!
Hannah A., 10/7/2014

My boys love Dr. Gragg! She is fun but very professional in her conversations with her patients. I love the fact that she called and checked on my son the night he got his braces. We also love the office staff and her office set up is way cool! Highly recommend!
Devon B., 10/2/2014

Both of my boys love Dr. Gragg and ALL of her office staff! So glad we decided to come here for our orthodontic care and braces. We absolutely LOVE the office set up and decoration! Would recommend for everybody!
Preston B., 9/26/2014

Knowledgeable, efficient, friendly staff. Highly recommend!
Kendall B., 9/26/2014

Our experience is always incredible. Dr. Gragg and her staff continue to amaze me with their constant kind and upbeat demeanor. The experience at Dr. Gragg's office can best be described as a pampering, fun experience. Isn't that crazy? But it's true. Worth every penny. We look forward to our next appointment.
Mario S., 9/3/2014

Everyone was so nice & cheerful. They made sure we didn't have any questions & did an excellent job with the teaching before we left. I would certainly recommend this office to anyone who needs braces regardless of age.
Kaylen B., 8/21/2014

Leven is tickled with his braces. Thank you and your staff for the warm and compassionate experience he had.
Leven S., 8/7/2014

Great experience! Staff was friendly and courteous and made sure that my son and I understood everything they were doing as they were putting them on and how to care for his new braces once we got home.
Anonymous, 7/31/2014

My daughter was nervous and excited about starting her treatment. Everyone made her feel very comfortable and made the process easy for her. She loves the office and the staff!
Daisy R., 7/29/2014

The staff were very nice and patient with my son. He was very nervous about getting braces, but by the end of his appointment he was smiling and wanting to show off his new braces! Dr. Gragg even called that evening to make sure he was doing ok; what a great experience so far.
Anonymous, 7/9/2014

Lucas had an amazing experience! He had his full set of braces put on. We were in and out in no time! Everyone was very nice! We love Gragg Orthodontics!
Lucas W., 6/25/2014

I felt so welcomed and comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. I was so impressed with everyone I came across while in the office. I can’t say enough about how professional the staff is and how at ease I felt. I liked how everything was explained in detail and I did not feel rushed on bit which is HUGE. You all are doing a WONDERFUL job and I hope you continue to do so. I would recommend this office to the entire country. LOVE IT!
Nada L., 9/2014

The staff at Dr. Gragg's office is amazing! They have taken excellent care of my son during his orthodontic treatment, but beyond that they have befriended his younger sister. She had a bad experience at her dentist office, and the ladies at Dr. Gragg's office convinced her that not all dentists are the same. They talked her into giving a different dentist a try, and she did with no tears, and has now been getting her regular checkups without the terror!

Dr. Gragg's office is the coolest place, and makes everyone feel welcome. It is so modern, and the kids don't complain about coming! The phone call to check on the kids after having their braces put on is very sweet, and the call on their birthday is awesome!

Everyone in the practice really goes above and beyond, making this the best orthodontist around! There is no wonder why people come from cities away to get the best care!! Dr. GRAGG and HER STAFF ROCK!!!

Everything was great! :) Dr. Gragg, you and your staff are absolutely wonderful, and we couldn't be more appreciative of everything. This has been an exceptionally pleasurable experience, and we'll recommend you to everyone. Thank you!

Dr. Gragg has one of the best "bedside" manners of any doctor I have ever had. The staff is to be commended for their professionalism and ability to make you feel comfortable.
Kimberly L., 6/12/2013

Always feel welcomed and important. During my child's time in the treatment chair, in his eyes, he was the only person that was important. Thanks for all you do!!
Lakeisha F., Anthony's mom, 6/18/2013

I like how you do things for the kids for fun — contests, skating, etc. I also like the notes home to recap the appointment when I couldn't come and a grandparent brought her. I like being able to wait or go back and watch. It is nice to have the option to see what is happening.
Mandy H., Zabrina's mom, 9/4/2013

When we started, she was so scared and nervous! This has been a great experience for her! Everyone has been great!! Thank you so much, Dr. Gragg, and thanks to your staff, she now has a beautiful smile! :)
Kelly N., Keirstyn's mom, 10/29/2013

I've had three kids who have had three different orthodontists. Dr. Gragg is absolutely the best! The ambiance of the office is awesome.
Donna K., Steven's mom, 10/31/2013

We love the "Hollywood style" office in our small town. We love the example of excellence! Thank you for your positive, "do my best" attitudes and smiles! You guys are wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the braces process, and it has been a pleasure and blessing. Thank you!
Porsche G., Bronson's mom, 3/18/2014

Everyone works well together, helping each other out. Team effort makes a wonderful, professional, friendly atmosphere. We truly enjoyed coming here. Dr. Gragg is awesome! All the staff have been wonderful personalities; we enjoyed knowing all of them.

Appointments were always efficient. We were never kept waiting and always in and out in less time than planned. Best orthodontist and staff!
Leah H.

When I began this adventure 2.5 years ago, I was a bit apprehensive! Everyone who changed my wires or added to them was as gentle as possible. Your staff was very accommodating with appointments and answering my questions. I feel your organization, along with people who greet you with a smile, make you feel they are glad to see you, and all in a professional manner. I always felt special when I came for my appointments. I count each of you as friends and want to thank you for "my new smile!" Thank you for caring.
Kaye W.

This is my second experience with Gragg Orthodontics. My oldest son had treatment several years ago and the service was excellent! When it was time for my youngest son to get braces, there was no doubt where we would go for treatment. I would recommend this office for everyone.

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